Various infrastructure facilities around the world are aging, and there is a problem of maintenance and renewal work not always being carried out sufficiently.
This is because infrastructure service providers are often controlled or tightly regulated by government agencies or public institutions and may not have the incentive to invest resources to embrace effective and efficient business practices. Unfortunately, the general public, who are the beneficiaries of functional infrastructure, have no way of knowing the status of the infrastructure they use, and have little incentive to reach out to businesses and participate in activities that support more efficient operation.

The Tekkon app was born to fill the gap between “Citizens” and the status of “Infrastructure” by allowing users to collect data using the app.

what’s tekkon

TEKKON is a Web3 app that promotes social good by empowering users (citizens) to help fix their local community’s infrastructure. Users (Citizens) can earn a token by posting and reviewing infrastructure data.

Creating a social impact through TEKKON

  • Increase public interest in infrastructure management

    Allow citizens to feel more connected to the physical issues affecting their communities.

  • Democratize Information

    Disclose data provided by the citizens to the citizens

  • Collecting
    Infrastructure data

    This will increase the information and understanding of current infrastructure information across the globe.

The Token


Token burning

TOKEN ALLOCATION Initial Issuance of WEC